It is said that during the early1960's Autocall (later to become AFA) made an offer to purchase Rely-a-Bell however they were outbid by Burgot who had arranged funding through Chubb and Sons. In 1963 Burgot (and Rely-a-Bell, who were still trading separatly) joined the Chubb Group. Burgot were originally based in Westbourne Grove but eventually moved to 29 Enford Street, London W1 which housed their Central Station and was the Head Office. Some of the people at Burgot around the mid 1960's were Ron Harris (MD) Dan Moloney (Sales Director) Alec Booker (Banks Director, who had come from Chubb), Fred Hobson (Operations), John Johnstone (SE Regional Manager) Tug Wilson (SE Service), Cyril Baker, Bernie Harwood & John Crane (SE Surveyors) Rene Crighton (nee Taylor) (SE Admin), Terry Wallace and Kathy Divers (Banks), Dennis Smith (Technical) Ron Jones (Central Station), Fred Chapman (Co Sec) Ron Beatty (Finance). Westbourne Grove became the research and manufacturing unit whilst there were other offices in Glasgow,Aberdeen, Edinburgh (Jim Jamison) Leeds (Jim Durward), Manchester (Sid Hobson), Preston (Bob Crew), Liverpool (Bill Galston), Cardiff and Birmingham (W Hodges). Later offices were opened in Southampton (Robin Dunford), Norwich (Mike Cook) and Plymouth (Pat Donough). Rely-a-Bell were still operating from thier premises in Wilson St. Mangaing Director at that time was David Dring (who had come from Chubb), Arthur Bishop was General Manager in London and was assisted by Ron Ruff, Len Blewitt, Joe Delaforth and others. In the branch offices were Stan Groom, Cyril Thistlethwaite and Peter Wells.

In 1969 both Burgot and Rely-Bell (who had operated as seperate entities) were merged to become Chubb Alarms

Above is outgoing Burgot MD, Ron Harris with Chubb Alarms MD David Dring. Below is thought to be the last picture of the Burgot staff and Sales Surveyors outside the head office at 29 Enford St. London W1 in 1969 prior to being combined with Rely-a-Bell to form Chubb Alarms Ltd. Seated are the Directors (left to right) John Johnston (ops) David Dring (Managing) Alec Booker (Sales & Banks) Leslie Sparkle (Finance).

Prior to the merger both business, in addition to London, had offices throughout the UK. Burgot had also undertaken considerable work for the Government at secret as well as public establishments. They were awarded the Royal Warrant in the late 1960's. They also formed a separate division in order to share in the rapidly increasing "Bank Security" market, where just three companies held sway, AFA, ADT (formerly EPS) and Burgot. Manufacturing of devices was originally undertaken at the old Burgot premises in Westbourne Grove, but they then moved the manufacturing organisation to a factory in Alexander Road Enfield with result of a separate business evolving called Chubb Alarms Manufacturing.