Meanwhile Chubb Alarms under Ken Banks's leadership restructured its geographical areas and three Divisions were formed from the eight Regions. Each Division was headed by a Director. Johnny Johnstone in the South, Ken Keating in the Midlands and Tom Slater in the North. Bob Tyley moved to Chubb Cash (previously Gross Cash Registers) whilst John Hutchins from Chubb Fire took over as Sales Director. A period in the history of Chubb Alarms referred to as Divisionalisation. Branches were operated as before but London was significantly bigger then anywhere else and subsequently harder to manage.

After a short period Bob Tyley returned as Managing Director and Regional structures were re-introduced. The new managment team pictured below (standing: George Hinton- London, Stan Irving - North West, Ben Whittle - Chubb Wardens North, Geoff Woodward - Chubb Wardens South, Bob Tyley - (MD), John Penrose - Eastern, Alan Baxter - Scotland, Ron Prevost - Midlands, Mike Collier - Sales and Marketing: seated: Les Atkinson - North East, Peter Wells - Deputy Ops, Stan Groom - Banks & Specials, Johnny Johnstone - (Ops D), Terry ????? (FD), Jack Garner - South West

Several new ideas were introduced amongst which were branches within London at Acton (managed by Martin Flood), Sutton (Managed by Derek Birmingham) and Enfield (managed by Derek Lacey). Another idea tried was the dividing of Sales Surveyors roles into "New Business" and existing customers. Somewhat later Rufus Bond Gunning (who had previously been managing the Hong Kong branch of Chubb) became Chairman and when Bob Tyley left (to go to Modern) he took over as Chief Executive. Most of the inovations introduced previously were dropped.